Friday, November 13, 2009

Austin on Hogan's TNA "Wishlist"

Source & NY Daily.

The New York Daily News published a story today on Hulk Hogan telling a fan at a book signing that he hopes to bring in Steve Austin, Randy Savage, RVD, and the Nasty Boys tag team to TNA, while also re-starting the Monday Night Wars against WWE.

"I wish to talk to Rob Van Dam, who is considering returning to the ring, and convince him to join TNA," Hogan said, according to the newspaper. "Plus I'm also wishing to contact ex-Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Macho Man Randy Savage."

The newspaper reports Hogan mentioned an idea for TNA programming on Monday nights against WWE Raw, which was one of the initial rumors when the Hogan-TNA partnership was announced a few weeks ago.

Hogan also claimed he "considered for months" guest-hosting Raw from Madison Square Garden, which takes place this coming Monday, until he "sealed the deal" with TNA.

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