Monday, November 30, 2009

Steve Austin to Star in "Hunt To Kill" with Gary Daniels


Former pro-wrestler “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and martial arts star Gary Daniels are appearing together in the actioner HUNT TO KILL.

Austin stars as a border guard who is taken prisoner, along with his 17-year-old daughter, by a gang to help track down members of a rival gang. Daniels portrays one of the villains.

The film is currently shooting in and around Vancouver under the direction of Leoni Waxman.

Both actors previously worked on Sylvester Stallone’s THE EXPENDABLES. Daniels will next be seen in Dwight Little’s TEKKEN. Austin’s DAMAGE, which was recently released on DVD in the U.K. is supposedly heading to theaters in the U.S. in the early part of 2010.

JR Blogs About Steve Austin Returning to TNA...

Source: JR's Official blog

Sunday, November 30, JR said this reguarding some of the questions he was recieving from fans:

On Steve Austin

Steve Austin: "Will Steve Austin ever go to TNA? That's a question for Steve but my educated guess would be no. I don't think Steve has any intention of ever wrestling again as he focuses on his movie career which is both time consuming and challenging for the 'new guy.' Steve is and always will, be a fan of the wrestling business but he's building a body of work in the movie business and has been involved in, I think, 3 or 4 productions this year alone which is a helluva, challenging schedule."

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to Steve Austin, his family, and all of YOU, the fans!

Glitter Graphics

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WWE Diva Kelly Kelly Loves Stone Cold!


In an interview between WWE Diva Kelly Kelly and, here's what she had to say about Steve Austin:

Q: Did you have any wrestlers that you particularly liked when you were growing up?
A: I loved Stone Cold, he was my favourite. I just thought he was so cute.

If interested, you can read the entire interview, here.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

JR Blog's About Steve Austin Filming in Vancouver

Jim Ross (JR) blogged yesterday about Monday Night RAW's 3 hour show, and also wrote about Steve Austin filming in Vancouver!

JR wrote:

" Got an email today from Steve Austin who is in Vancouver and started filming another kick ass film Monday morning. Steve will be finished before Christmas and then will eventually migrate down to Texas to his ranch to hunt deer and to kick back a while. Mrs J.R. and I plan on visiting Steve some time in January. "

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hogan Talks Steve Austin on Radio Interview in Australia


Earlier today Hulk Hogan did an interview for the SportFM 91.3 radio in Perth, Australia and I figured I’d transcribe the more interesting non-Hulkamania tour questions from the interview so here it goes:


Question: You’ve been in the ring with the biggest names the wrestling industry’s ever seen but there’s one wrestler the fans would really love to see you in the ring with. There’s one wrestler that you never really got to take on in a one-on-one situation and that of course is “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Steve Austin versus Hulk Hogan – what would the outcome be?

Hulk Hogan: I ran into Stone Cold one week before I came to Australia. I went to a Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California and there he was. He was working out during the day. He was doing a movie with my buddy Sylvester Stallone. And I told him, I said, “Brother, I’m going back to work. I’m getting back in the ring. If you want some come get some. Money’s not a problem. Your schedule’s not a problem. If you really want to get in the ring and you really want to make history then come get into the ring with Hulk Hogan”. I did not get an answer.

Question: So you threw the challenge out there but you did not get an answer?

Hulk Hogan: Face-to-face threw the challenge out, in his face.

You can listen to the full interview at

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hulk Hogan's Wish List May Not Be Good for TNA's Progress

This is an excerpt from an article from The Bleacher Report...

On Nov. 13, a story was released in the New York Times that stated Hogan’s wish to sign stars like Brian Knobbs, Randy Savage, Rob Van Dam, and Steve Austin to the TNA roster.

From a name recognition standpoint, it’s quite a list. The problem is that aside from one name on that list, there isn’t anyone who is truly a long-term quality talent acquisition for TNA.

Brian Knobbs’ last match within the WWE was a reunion of the “Nasty Boys” tag team for a Smackdown! taping in Tampa.

The match was reported to be “horrendous” and the two of them worked very unprofessionally stiff with their opponents. Knobbs was also never known as a standout singles competitor.

Randy Savage, now 57, had a career within the WWE worthy of Hall of Fame consideration, and many have called for his induction. He even had a short stint within TNA in 2004 and 2005 that ended over a creative disagreement involving the NWA World Title.

But at 57, I don’t suspect “the Mach” is able to put on quality matches any longer, at least not over a long period of time.

The IWC knows Steve Austin’s resume, which needs no introduction. While Austin’s name would bring ratings, injuries during his WWE career have left him unable to physically compete.

He also clearly stated his desire to move on from wrestling at his Hall of Fame induction. Barring a miracle, this signing is just not going to happen.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Steve Austin to Appear on "Chuck"


Former WWE star Stone Cold Steve Austin is scheduled to appear on the third season of NBC’s “Chuck” TV show. The date for Austin’s guest appearance has not been announced yet. NBC announced this week it is bringing back the action-comedy series in January. According to NBC’s announcement, Austin will play the role of “Hugo Panzer,” who becomes entangled in the lead Chuck character’s first solo mission.

The NBC teaser for the new season of Chuck includes a brief shot of Steve Austin on an airplane about 35 seconds into the clip below.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Puppy Warms Steve Austin's Heart


Former whoopass can opening, brewski slamming, man crushing wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin was rendered absolutely defenseless yesterday ... after he locked horns with a fluffy-wuffy, cuddly-wuddly little puppy dog while in Canada.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Austin on Hogan's TNA "Wishlist"

Source & NY Daily.

The New York Daily News published a story today on Hulk Hogan telling a fan at a book signing that he hopes to bring in Steve Austin, Randy Savage, RVD, and the Nasty Boys tag team to TNA, while also re-starting the Monday Night Wars against WWE.

"I wish to talk to Rob Van Dam, who is considering returning to the ring, and convince him to join TNA," Hogan said, according to the newspaper. "Plus I'm also wishing to contact ex-Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Macho Man Randy Savage."

The newspaper reports Hogan mentioned an idea for TNA programming on Monday nights against WWE Raw, which was one of the initial rumors when the Hogan-TNA partnership was announced a few weeks ago.

Hogan also claimed he "considered for months" guest-hosting Raw from Madison Square Garden, which takes place this coming Monday, until he "sealed the deal" with TNA.

Steve Austin to Join TNA? WHAT!?

November 5, 2009

When news broke that other names of pro wrestling prominence were expected to join Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff in signing with TNA, Steve Austin’s name jumped to the top of speculation lists.

But, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there is virtually no chance of it happening.

Austin is reportedly still under some sort of WWE contract that essentially pays him big money to not wrestle or otherwise perform for competing promotions.

Further, all sources maintain that Austin still does not want to impact his potential Hollywood career by getting into bed, full time, with a wrestling company.

Other names being discussed: DDP still maintains that a TNA debut is not in the works, although his latest philosophy is that if his indy work goes well in the next few months that he might sign with TNA due to his friendship with Bischoff…as was reported, JBL remains uninterested in a TNA deal…Nothing has been added regarding talk of Rob Van Dam being on a TNA/Hulk Hogan shortlist.

Jim Ross Blogs About Steve Austin

November 2, 2009
Source:, JR's Official Blog

"Steve Austin called me Sunday afternoon during the Packers-Vikings game and most of our discussion centered on football and how I was doing battling my 'little friend' Bells palsy #3. Steve is preparing to head up to Vancouver to film another action/adventure movie that is going to be largely done outdoors in the beautiful terrain of Vancouver, British Columbia. The Texas Rattlesnake expects to encounter plenty of 'weather' including ample rain which apparently is what they want for the film to have the organic grittiness to fit the script. I don't know the release date but one can assume some time in 2010 nor do I know the title. I obviously don't know much but as I said we talked football and not work.

Also, for those that email us and want to know "where is Steve staying in Vancouver" you've got to be kidding me. Just stop it...stop it right now. :)"

Man of Steel

Stone Cold - The Ultimate Guy's Guy
Oct 13th 2009
Source & Video:

Stone Cold Steve Austin is the new man of steel ... inflicted injuries.

The wrestler-turned-action star showed off some serious head damage outside of Gold's Gym yesterday -- saying he got it by running right into a steel beam during a movie stunt!

And while we learned about his injury, Austin learned something even more valuable: A slightly different definition of the word "Bear".

Stone Cold Leaves the Gym

Stone Cold Leaves the Gym
August 14, 2009

Check out Austin's "water bottle". You can take the Texan out of Texas, but you can't take Texas out of the Texan! *smile*

Steve Austin Goes Shopping

August 7th, 2009
Grocery shopping on Wednesday...
Source: TMZ

I love a man who loves to shop!

What Happens When You Punch Stone Cold in the Face...

Nov. 5th 2008

This is what happens when Stone Cold Steve Austin punches you in the face ... for real.

Stone Cold accidentally clocked MMA fighter Paul Lazenby while filming a movie called "Damage." Steve felt so badly about throttling Lazenby's face and giving him black eyes and a broken nose, he mugged for this shot of the two of them -- sling, ice pack, and all.

Austin, needless to say, wasn't actually hurt.

Lazenby tells TMZ, "I want to stress that this was NOT a case of negligence or incompetence, just one of those things that can happen even between skilled performers when they're swinging their fists at one another. I don't blame Steve at all."

"He just made a mistake that even the best stunt performers can make (and one of which I'm certainly not innocent). As a guy who's been a stuntman for eight years and a pro wrestler/fighter for 17, I think that I'm a fair judge of ability in those areas and I still rate Steve extremely highly as a film fighter and overall performer. I'd work with him again anytime."

So now you know.

Candids - Video - Stone Cold Shaves Goatee, Talks Steriods

March 3rd, 2009

WWE Hall of Fame candidate Stone Cold Steve Austin was recently spotted by TMZ leaving the Firehouse restaurant in Venice Beach, California.

The TMZ camera man asked Austin what he thinks about the A-Rod steroid scandal and whether he thinks A-Rod’s “package” has been affected by the steroid use.

He says Austin should be familiar with that situation, she’s he’s been around steroid users in wrestling. This guy was begging for a stunner. It’s interesting to note that Stone Cold looks to be in great shape and has shaved his trademark goatee. Check out photos of Austin without his trademark goatee from the TMZ website by clicking here.

Details on Steve Austin's next film "Damage"; starts shooting Oct. 17


Steve Austin's next film with WWE will be titled "Damage." It is scheduled to start shooting on October 17 in Vancouver. Austin will be playing a convict who gets out of prison and is pressured into undeground fighting. If it sounds familiar then you are not alone.

Austin is still scheduled to appear at WWE's Cyber Sunday PPV on October 26 in Phoenix, AZ. The plan is for the movie to take a day off of shooting and have Austin fly in for the PPV and then fly right back to Vancouver for a Monday shooting.

Stone Cold Steve Austin's New Movie!


Word around the WWE is that Stone Cold Steve Austin's next film project, titled "Damage," will focus on an illegal underground fighting community. The project is not a WWE Studios film however. Austin is playing the lead role of John Brickner, a recently paroled convict who is forced into the groups.

The film will commence filming on 10/17 in the Vancouver, British Columbia area, it is directed by Jeff King and written by Frank Hannah. Its interesting that it is going on now, because Austin's return to wresting is drawing near.

He is supposed to be back in the WWE within the next couple of days or week. The word was that he would be on RAW this week, if that is true I don't know, but that is what has been going around, now Vince McMahon's return is going to be around the same time as Austin's.

So since its a package deal that is great right? Well I don't know, but it is one of the WWE biggest rivalries ever so I'd love to see it again. Since this movie is coming out within a year, I could guarantee that Austin will be promoting it in the WWE, even though it is not a WWE film.

Neither was The Longest Yard, but it was still heavily promoted, mainly because of Austin, Goldberg, and Kevin Nash's role in the blockbuster. So I can see it getting a nice plug by the WWE, but what do you think, should the WWE promote it?

Austin Fans Waited 13 hours to be a Part of a Signing in the UK


Got an email from old pal Steve Austin late last night. He's in the UK promoting his next film "Damage" which will be released imminently on DVD. I've seen the trailer and liked what I saw and plan on supporting Steve by purchasing this action packed, fight filled film when it becomes available. Many Austin fans waited some 13 hours to be a part of a signing there this week. Steve also detailed seeing his first soccer game in person and he told me that he had a blast and had a better understanding and appreciation for the game.

Another old friend, Steve "Dr. Death" Williams is battling cancer again as the deadly disease has returned after Doc had been cancer free almost five years. The cancer is in Doc's Stoma and surgery or radiation aren't options but chemotherapy is. Doc is an amazing man who remains steadfast in his faith in God and his unintimidating stance on beating cancer for a second time. Please say a prayer and think good thoughts about Steve as he once again finds himself in another fight.

The Power of Leather

I found this on the website.

A good luck charm. A pre-match prayer. A lucky pair of boots. Superstars have been known to take advantage of anything they could to give themselves an edge and propel themselves to the upper echelon of WWE.

Unfortunately, it’s a tough ladder to climb to become one of WWE’s elite. With that in mind, AXE Instinct Body Spray and salute the following Superstars who had the foresight to harness the power of leather to lead them to championship gold, the bright lights of Hollywood … and even the WWE Hall of Fame.

Steve Austin in The Stranger


While there's no story or plot details to pass along in this next film, Stone Cold Steve Austin fans may be interested to hear that the wrestler-turned-actor has another action-thriller lined up for next year. With Austin, the Nasser Entertainment Group and Caliber Media Co. having just completed their fight film Damage, the trio are teaming up for a new action-thriller called The Stranger for 2010.

Production will handled by director Rob Lieberman in Vancouver this summer in hopes of getting it into theaters sometime next year.

Damage, which has just wrapped up for a 2009 release, stars Steve Austin, Walton Goggins, Laura Vandervort and Donnelly Rhodes. Jeff King helmed the project.

Stone Cold Steve Austin interview at the San Diego Comic-Con

Stone Cold Steve Austin interview at the San Diego Comic-Con
Published on: July 28, 2009

Stone Clod Steve Austin attended this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and had the chance to talk with him. Austin talks about some of the films he’s just finished completing, including: Damage and The Expendables. The wrestler turned actor also talks about learning the ropes when it comes to acting, and how he hopes to break away from his ‘tough guy’ persona and do something a little more comedic.

“…I’m not Marlon Brando. Not yet…”

Video: Damage Trailer

Video Haul: The Stranger

Videos from the pass few months... Steve Austin in The Stranger.

Steve at ComicCon

Behind the Scenes & Stunts

On the Set

Stone Cold, I Mean, Steve Austin Talks About The Rock in New Interview


Stone Cold, I mean, Steve Austin, was on the UK's program "Soccer AM" this morning to promote his new movie "Damage". He had some good things to say about The Rock.

Austin was asked about The Rock Dwayne Johnson since they've both moved to full-time movie careers. Austin joked he's tougher and the better actor since it was his TV time. He also hinted that "somewhere down the line," he'd like to see both of them on the same screen.

If you are interested in watching the entire video, click here. He talks about The Rock (and wrestling) at 3:46.

Austin's new movie, "Damage" comes out on Januaury 28th in US theaters, and October 5in the U.K.

Stone Cold Takes The Rock's Approach to Acting

Stone Cold Takes The Rock's Approach to Acting
August 29, 2009

According to, the recent 2009 WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin wants to distance himself from wrestling like The Rock did.

He said, quote:

He wants to "distance himself from his WWE persona to be taken more seriously as an actor."

Stone Cold Steve Austin's new movie "Damage" is to be released this fall. He's also working on another film called "The Stranger".

You can read more of the article, and see a video interview at The PWTorch website by clicking the source link above.

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