Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hulk Hogan's Wish List May Not Be Good for TNA's Progress

This is an excerpt from an article from The Bleacher Report...

On Nov. 13, a story was released in the New York Times that stated Hogan’s wish to sign stars like Brian Knobbs, Randy Savage, Rob Van Dam, and Steve Austin to the TNA roster.

From a name recognition standpoint, it’s quite a list. The problem is that aside from one name on that list, there isn’t anyone who is truly a long-term quality talent acquisition for TNA.

Brian Knobbs’ last match within the WWE was a reunion of the “Nasty Boys” tag team for a Smackdown! taping in Tampa.

The match was reported to be “horrendous” and the two of them worked very unprofessionally stiff with their opponents. Knobbs was also never known as a standout singles competitor.

Randy Savage, now 57, had a career within the WWE worthy of Hall of Fame consideration, and many have called for his induction. He even had a short stint within TNA in 2004 and 2005 that ended over a creative disagreement involving the NWA World Title.

But at 57, I don’t suspect “the Mach” is able to put on quality matches any longer, at least not over a long period of time.

The IWC knows Steve Austin’s resume, which needs no introduction. While Austin’s name would bring ratings, injuries during his WWE career have left him unable to physically compete.

He also clearly stated his desire to move on from wrestling at his Hall of Fame induction. Barring a miracle, this signing is just not going to happen.

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