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Grandpa Stone Cold

A new addition has been added to the Austin/Williams/Clarke family: confirmed on October 27th at 3:26 PM, Jade Adams (daughter of deceased British pro-wrestler Chris Adams & Jeannie Clarke – now former step/adopted daughter of former WWE champion Steve Austin), gave birth to a baby boy named Lachlan. The father is professional wrestler Adam Windsor.

Baby Lachlan Adams weighed 7lbs. 5ozs. at birth.

Congratulations to the family!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Video: Another "Hunt To Kill" Movie Clip

Friday, October 22, 2010

JR Blog's, Mentions Austin - October 22, 2010


Got a great call earlier this week from Shawn Michaels and we spent some time catching up on a variety of things. HBK is happy, healthy and not missing the wrestling business at this time. Shawn is busy working on a hunting show for the Outdoor Life Network, I think, that will likely begin airing next year. We discussed some upcoming hunts and yours truly night actually go on one of these taped hunts somewhere down the road. I might be better suited to be the camp 'cook' as my hunting skills aren't at the level of say a Brock Lesnar, Steve Austin, or Dusty Rhodes. But the 'camp fire' talk would be entertaining.

Speaking of Austin, some fans have emailed me and adamantly feel that the ideal match for the Undertaker to have at WM30 would be Austin vs. Taker. WM30?? Sounds provocative on paper but it's not going to happen. I'm much more interested in who Taker is going to face at WM27 which appears to be a wide open matter. Steve will generally always say the old wrestler cliché of "Never say never" when asked about another match but no one would be more shocked than me to ever see Austin don his tights again. What does he have left to prove plus Austin is well on his way to establishing himself in Hollywood as an action adventure movie star. Plus, would you really want Stone Cold to return to Wrestlemania and lose because the smart money is on Taker NEVER losing a Wrestlemania bout? And never means never.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New "Hunt To Kill" Website

Check out the "Hunt To Kill" website.

Visit the website at H2K will be out in the USA & Canada on BluRay & DVD on November 9.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Photos: Stills from "Hunt To Kill"

Photo source:

Monday, October 11, 2010

"Hunt To Kill" on DVD & BluRay in the UK

Hunt To Kill is now available on DVD and BluRay TODAY in the UK.

JR Blogs: Austin as Villain - 10/10/10


Speaking of 'bottom lines' an emailer took me to task when I said that Steve Austin's turn to become a villain was, in hindsight, ill conceived. Why? Well, it didn't work, plain and simple. I thought it was akin to making John Wayne a Nazi after seeing how it all played out and again that's looking at something ala a Monday morning quarterback when one's vision is 20/20.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

DVD News: WWE's "Top 50 Superstars of All Time"

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WWE will be releasing the “Top 50 Superstars of All Time” three-disc DVD set on December 14th, 2010,a nd it will be released in Europe sometime in 2011.

Official synopsis:

“It’s a timeless debate for sports entertainment fans everywhere. Who is the greatest of all time? Better yet, what superstars make up your top 10, or if you are a real student of history, 20, 40, or 50? The debates and cross-generational comparisons can go on forever, as fans compare Stone Cold to the Hulkster, Ric Flair to Shawn Michaels, this generation s giant (Big Show) to the all-time Giant (Andre), or ask whether John Cena and Randy Orton have already done enough to cement a permanent legacy in this industry. Now, with the 50 Greatest Superstars in WWE History fans can enjoy the first-ever countdown of the biggest superstars in history, complete with highlights of the top 50, commentary from today’s WWE Superstars explaining their choices, and more.”

I can't wait! Looks interesting! AND why is Stone Cold at the bottom of the DVD?

DVD & BluRay Release Updates

Hunt To Kill will be on DVD and BluRay on October 11 in the UK (Monday!!!).

The Stranger will be released on DVD on October 13 in Australia.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Austin Says He Wouldn't Mind Working with Other Wrestlers in Films

Partial Source:

In an interview with, Austin was asked if he would work with The Rock or any other wrestler.

He replied:

"I wouldn't have any reservations about doing a good project with another wrestler talent," "Now, would I want to play a wrestler in a wrestler movie? No."

Austin said he doesn't believe a "wrestler reunion" movie would be frowned upon if they had the right script and on-screen chemistry to put together a good film.

"If it's a project worth doing - and the chemistry is there - I don't think it would be just 'two wrestlers,'" Austin said.

Austin said he's gained enough experience filming movies to feel comfortable having "creative input" in his latest projects.

Austin revealed that his next movie shoot is scheduled for mid-October. The movie is slated to be a SWAT Team-style "shoot 'em up" action/suspense movie.

EXCLUSIVE! "Hunt To Kill" Interview from & CONTEST

The crew over at (Thanks Matt!!!) was kind enough to send over an interview they had with Steve Austin a month ago.

♪ Click here to listen!

And ooh, if that interview didn't tickle your fancy, they also have a contest going on - Win a FREE DVD Copy of "Hunt To Kill" by answering the question they have provided on their contest page!

Be sure to visit the website & follow them on twitter (@screen1ne) for all of the latest interviews (straight from the stars themselves!) & entertainment updates!!!

"Hunt To Kill" is out on DVD & BluRay Monday, Otcober 11.

News Haul - October 07, 2010

  • Long time visitor, Brittany (@artofpiano) has created a slideshow over at (with commentary from yours truly)
    Brittany & Joyce's Top Stone Cold Moments - Part 1. This will be added to the "Website Features" section later on.

    Hunt To Kill Interviews
    Here are a few interviews from "H2K" cast members. None from Austin as of yet...

    Gill Bellows

    Gary Daniels
  • Interview - Stone Cold Football


    There are some big tackles in American football – is that the main difference between the games?

    “One of the differences is the physicality because the NFL is very hard hitting. It’s the name of the game. Hands down it’s the most physical sport and that’s why the guys need the pads. The season has just started and we’ve already had a lot of big guys – stars of the game – go down with knee injuries while there has been a couple of neck injuries too. People like to see big hits.”

    So what did you make of our footballers’ tackling?

    I was quite impressed with the size of the guys when they came out of the tunnel – they’re way bigger than they used to be. What I liked about your game was that players were still laying everything on the line even in the build up to the World Cup. It’s a different game but there is no fear on that soccer field. Those guys are bad ass!”

    How passionate are American football fans?

    “They get right behind the teams, big time. It’s quite hardcore but it’s a different kind of environment in terms of songs. I tried watching the World Cup but boy, that vuvuzela was a big reason I didn’t watch as much as I thought I would. It was still great competition and played at great intensity but man those horns were a total turn off for me.”

    How unpredictable is it – do the same teams challenge for top honours year after year?

    “It’s a very unpredictable game. Kansas City opened up on San Diego recently and are a totally different animal than last year. I think they're going to turn some heads under Todd Haley. San Diego lost their opening game but they usually lose a couple and further down the road will probably make the play-offs. The Jets were talking a lot of trash and then the Ravens smashed them. Some of the teams that made the play-offs last year like the Indianapolis Colts already have a loss so you just never know what’s going to happen and that is one of the best things about the sport.”

    Over here, some fans have issues with their owners - does American football still belong to the supporters?
    “It’s still a fans game but there’s talk of a lockout (owners could opt out of an agreement with the players union, which could lead them to preventing players from playing) next year. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s something to do with contract issues or television negotiations. I’m just hearing it and that would be devastating to the sport because it is a fans game and if there is a lockout I don’t think it will be a good thing.”

    Do you get to watch a lot of it?

    “On Saturday I watch college football all day and on Sunday I watch pro football all day. When the last game is over I go into withdrawals and then when the Super Bowl is over I really go into withdrawals. But I’m almost kind of glad when it’s over because then I can drag my ass into gear and get things going on weekends! When it’s football season I’m not worth anything.”

    So who do you support?
    “I follow different coaches and programmes every year. So this season it'll be interesting to see Brian Kelly and Notre Dame do, while Rich Rodriguez needs to have a big year at Michigan. Last year I was really cheering for Alabama to win a national title and they did. I’m from Texas so I’ve been pulling for the Houston Texans all year long too. I grew up south of Houston so I’m looking for big things from them.”

    Do you have any prima donna-type players over there?

    “There are a couple of diva wide receivers but I won’t name anybody in particular, if you follow the game at all you can see who I mean. I don’t mind players that want attention but I want people to turn into leaders and be a positive influence on their team. You can rack up all the individual records you want but as long as you’re working butt off for the team I don’t have a problem with the diva attitude. If you’re a detriment to the team then I’m not into that at all.”

    It must get boring with all the stops in play?

    “That’s just American football and it's the game that we grew up with. It’s a totally different animal from your football. It bothers me when they stop the momentum of the game to look at calls when it’s really apparent as to what the call should have been in the first place.”

    By the way, we’re big fans of Marie Avgeropoulos, the girl that plays your daughter in Hunt to Kill. She’s well fit...“Well she is a beautiful young lady and I thought that she did a great job playing my daughter”

    "Hunt to Kill" is out on DVD, 11 October.

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    Video: EXCLUSIVE! "Hunt To Kill" Clip

    Video: Chuck vs. The Cubic Z

    Monday, October 4, 2010

    The Expendables BluRay Expected to be Released on November 23


    In an early announcement to retailers, Lionsgate is preparing 'The Expendables' for Blu-ray on November 23.

    The film is directed by Sylvester Stallone and assembles some of the greatest action stars of all time including Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, and Arnold Schwarzenegger in one hard-hitting adventure!

    Specs have yet to be revealed, but the release will be a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack and will include over 4 hours of bonus features.

    Suggested list price for the Blu-ray is still undetermined at this time.

    You can find the latest specs for 'The Expendables' linked from our Blu-ray Release Schedule, where it's indexed under November 23.

    Check out this interesting article on the DVD from

    JR Blog's About Austin Returning to the Ring

    Source: JR's Blog

    Saw where the UK Sun interviewed Steve Austin about another of Steve's movies being released eminently. Again, when Austin said "never say never" regarding him returning to the ring one can surmise that is true as long as Steve is healthy enough to want to train to get back into the ring but I would be shocked to see Steve ever want to wrestle anyone at anytime at any place in the future. Could it happen? Sure. Will it happen? Highly unlikely. Let the rumors begin and the speculation run wild, BROTHER! Steve is immersed in is movie career and to get back into the ring would take time away from that endeavor as Austin would never step back in the ring without several weeks or perhaps even months of preparation. Stone Cold has too much pride to ever step in the ring merely for a pay day and not to give his fans a helluva bout.

    Breaking News: Austin To Return in the EXPENDABLES 2??? + Spoiler (Sorry!)!!!


    According to several reports, Austin will be in Sly's Expendables sequel (hmmmm, really?)!!!

    The Expendables was such a smash hit that Sylvester Stallone is already planning Expendables 2. This time around we’re certain to get a lot more of Bruce Willis than just a cameo, and he seems excited to become a full time member of the group. So excited that Bruce spent the weekend talking up the possible sequel while out promoting his new movie Red. When Coming Soon asked him for Expendables 2 details Willis said, “I talked to Sly and he's going for all the marbles this time, and he's going to get everybody in this time.” Exactly who “everybody” is remains to be seen but Stallone’s been vocal about wanting to get more of Schwarzenegger and he’d probably like to get Seagal and Van Damme involved too. They turned him down on the first film.

    Apparently everybody even means people who were in the first film, but didn’t make it to the end credits in one piece. Yep, Stone Cold Steve Austin will be back for more. In the first film Stone Cold Steve Austin played one of the bad guys fighting against Stallone and his motley cadre of action movie icons. Up against such an unstoppable force, Austin was of course, doomed to lose. He took two bullets in the process of trying to stop the good guys, but Bruce Willis says that bullets aren’t an obstacle and Stone Cold will be back too, assuming they “start shooting it while we're young enough to survive.” Everyone knows real men can’t be killed by gunfire.

    Austin kinda hinted around to a fan who gave their thoughts on his "doom" in the film. he could have just been messing around though:

    I could have swore he got burnt up in the film (Oops! Spoiler!). So now, he got shot... Maybe I missed something... Eh... Hollywood. But I will have to wait and see if it's true or not. The article just doesn't make any sense to me. Oh well, stay tuned...

    The Sun UK: Austin Teases Wrestling Comback


    WRESTLING legend Stone Cold Steve Austin has has refused to rule out returning to the ring for one final match.

    The WWE icon may have become a major movie star with new flick Hunt To Kill out on DVD this month, but says he'll always be a grapple fan at heart.

    And the star, who retired from the business in 2004, admits he can't stop watching his old friends in WWE and even rival firm TNA.

    In an exclusive interview with SunSport, Steve confessed: "I just love pro wrestling.

    "I watch all wrestling whenever I can, I watch WWE and I watch TNA. I've just always had that passion for the sport.

    "That's what inspired me to enter the ring in the first place, I watched wrestling avidly as a kid and back then it was guys battering each other in smoke filled arenas and blood flowed freely.

    "And that's why I still watch WWE and TNA all the time today, it's entertaining and takes me back."

    In fact, it was talking about TNA that really got Steve thinking about an in-ring comeback.

    Dixie Carter's company is home to many of his old friends from his stint in ECW as well as fellow legend Hulk Hogan, who he hasn't exactly seen eye-to-eye with in the past.

    Speaking about the return of so many 1980s and 1990s stars, Steve told us: "We all have opinions on who should be on TV or not, but at the end of the day it's good to see the guys getting a payday and the respect they deserve.

    "Those ECW guys who are in TNA today, many of them are old road buddies of mine and I have the utmost respect for them.

    "To be honest it's great to see some guys still performing out there after the injuries they've had.

    "I'm lucky, you know my neck is 100 per cent these days, I can do my own stunts and fight scenes where I can. I don't claim to be a tough guy, but I give it a go.

    "My neck was fixed in 2000, I had to leave the ring because of the damage, but in my normal life and movies it's fine, although wrestling wise I'd be a total mess right now.

    "You know I'm hearing Hulk is talking about getting back in the ring, even though his back is messed up.

    "He was a big guy and all that wear and tear takes a toll on the back and the bigger the guy, the harder it is.

    "But more power to him if he thinks he's fit to step in the ring. He's the immortal and only Hulkster, so ultimately he knows his body best. I respect whatever decision he makes.

    "I never thought I'd say it, but when I'm asked about one more match these days I do tend to say 'never say never'.

    "So don't rule it out."

    Steve added: "I sometimes wish Hogan and I had a run. Imagine how good that could have been?

    "Given the chance I'd have loved to have faced legends like Harley Race, Nick Bockwinkle and Andre the Giant.

    "Those guys in their prime and me in mine would have been great."

    Steve Austin's new film Hunt to Kill is released on DVD and Blu-Ray on October 11 by Anchor Bay Entertainment. The action packed film — his biggest solo project to date — sees him play a Montana Border Patrol Officer dealing with a dangerous gang of criminals and rebellious teenage daughter. Exclusive Steve Austin Interview

    By Phil Allely

    Stone Cold Steve Austin needs very little introduction to wrestling fans, he was one of the WWE’s biggest and most popular stars during the 1990s, the bald headed maverick single-handedly he helped their attitude era of wrestling beat their close rival WCW into submission.

    A severe neck injury that forced him to retire from the ring was the only thing that stopped him still being there today.

    Here the WWE ‘Hall of Famer’ talks to Phil Allely about wrestling and his new movie release Hunt to Kill.

    Steve does still watch wrestling and has his own opinions on the direction the product is taking today.

    ‘I watch WWE, I watch TNA, I don’t like it when people say, hey you’re a WWE guy why do you watch TNA. I love pro wrestling, I watch all wrestling when I can, be it TNA or WWE, it’s a passion, I have always had that passion for the sport. That’s what inspired me to enter the ring in the first place, I watched wrestling avidly and back then it was guys battering each other in smoke filled arenas and blood flowed freely’.

    In his prime Stone Cold rose from the opening act on WWE cards to the main event star in very quick succession, his character striking a chord with millions and making him a real life icon to them all.

    ‘I was Stone Cold Steve Austin and my era and my style was what worked (very successfully) back then (when I was active). In WWE today I guess PG works business wise for them right now.

    That’s why I watch wrestling whenever I can today, it‘s entertaining and takes me back, I do have fond memories of my time there in the ring. When it took off with me (as Stone Cold) it was so hot and so fast, I realise now it was not designed to last forever, when I got dropped on my head that all changed.

    I lasted a while longer only after that match with Owen Hart. But I had a lot of fun as that guy, I ran through and had so many exciting moments as Stone Cold.

    My career was what it was, I had some 15 years of cuts, stitches, injuries and much more, I cant say nothing bad about it. I met some great guys and had some amazing matches’.

    When he left WCW Austin joined the more violence orientated ECW for a short while and still has a lot of respect for the Philadelphia company that spawned so many of today’s top stars and wrestling icons, many of which have now cropped up in TNA recently.

    ‘ECW was a blast back in the day and you know who’s gonna fault them being back in the limelight again, we all have opinions on who should be on TV or not, but at the end of the day its good to see the guys getting a payday and the respect they deserve.

    Those guys in TNA today (as EV2.0) many of them are old road buddies of mine and I have the utmost respect for them’.

    ‘To be honest its great to see some guys still performing out there after the injuries they’ve had. I’m lucky, you know my neck is 100% these days, I can do my own stunts and fight scenes where I can. I don’t claim to be a tough guy, but give it a go. My neck was fixed in 2000, I had to leave the ring because of the damage, but in my normal life and movies it’s fine, wrestling wise I’d be a total mess right now’.

    ‘You know I’m hearing Hulk is talking about getting back in the ring, even though his backs messed up. You know he was a big guy, all that wear and tear takes a toll on the back and the bigger the guy the harder it is. He was working with big guys too, like Andre, John Studd and such. He’s a big boy and more power to him if he thinks he’s fit to step in the ring. He’s the immortal and only Hulkster, so ultimately he knows his body best. I respect whatever decision he makes’.

    ‘I never thought I’d say it, but when I’m asked about one more match these days I do tend to say Never say never, so don’t rule it out’.

    ‘I sometime wish Hogan and I had have had a run a few years earlier, imagine how good that could have been, given the chance I’d have loved to have faced legends like Harley Race, Nick Bockwinkle and Andre the Giant, those guys in their prime and me in mines would have been great’.

    Though he’s no longer an active wrestler and now a respected action movie star with his own vehicles, such as The Stranger and new film Hunt to Kill under his belt Steve has also starred in one of the most highly anticipated and successful action films of the last year The Expendables, where he rubbed Shoulders with many of the genres greatest stars.

    ‘On The Expendables I was number 12 on the call sheet, that was a great experience though, I learnt so much from all of those guys, in particular Sylvester Stallone, he was the number one box office star in action films and has taught me so much’.

    Action may be the natural acting genre of choice for an ex-wrestler with a hard as nails character, but Austin has other thespian aspirations too beyond his chosen comfort zone.

    ‘Comedy I‘d love to do that, but right now after doing this, action’s my genre and learning from Stallone and the guys on The Expendables, I just want to do more. Next February I’m off to Vancouver for a SWAT team film and now I’m just itching to go and do more back-to-back ones.

    My brand and my style are there to build on. I want to take the training wheels off (the Steve Austin action movie juggernaut) and get going. I’d really love to do some comedy, a horror or a sci-fi film, but action is my thing right now’.

    Steve Austin’s new film Hunt to Kill is released on DVD and Blu-Ray on October 11 by Anchor Bay Entertainment and features him as a Montana Border Patrol Officer who not only has to deal with a rebellious teenage daughter, but a gang of dangerous criminals who are in search of a missing horde of cash.

    The action packed film is Stone Cold’s biggest solo project to date and promises to ‘Hunt to Thrill‘.

    Sunday, October 3, 2010

    Steve Austin Article


    Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Hmm, such is not the case when NBC’s ‘Chuck’ gets hit with two nasty blasts from the past this Monday at 8/7c.

    Not only does a plot twist deposit Sarah’s high school nemesis turned enemy spy, Heather Chandler (played by Nicole Richie), back in her life, beefy bruiser Hugo Panzer returns to torment Chuck (Zachary Levi).

    Former wrestling superstar Steve Austin first guested as Hugo in January, when the Ring goon and Chuck engaged in an airplane cargo area throwdown. Panzer had his pants kicked then, but now he’s back for “more mischief,” Austin tells Fancast. “Revenge seems to be his M.O., and this time he thinks he’s going to kill Chuck.”

    Having ruled the wrestling ring under his “Ringmaster,” “Rattlesnake” and “Stone Cold” monikers for many a year, Austin says that on ‘Chuck’ he’ll occasionally “put my two cents in” when it comes to plotting punches. “But they’ve got some pretty great stunt people on that show,” he notes, “so I pretty much just leave it to the experts.”

    Expendables,’ we asked Austin about being a part of one of this summer’s biggest big-screen hits. He says that he was home in Texas when the action flick’s literally and figuratively beefy cast started coming together. Once back in L.A., he took a meeting with writer-director-star Sylvester Stallone, and they hit it off.

    “I learned a lot working with that guy,” Austin shares. “He is smart, always thinking and reading about this, that, whatever. And that impressed me.”

    Meanwhile, Eric Roberts, with whom he shared most his scenes, “is so damn funny,” Austin reports. “We’d sit around and laugh our asses off.”

    One arena you won’t see Austin gracing any time soon is his original stomping ground. Though the WWE’s ‘Raw’ series teased his return (by playing ‘Stone Cold’s theme music) at an August match, Austin has no plans at this time to reenter that world.

    “I love that company and I loved my career in the WWE, but the climate has changed,” the six-time world champion laments. “I was a very edgy act, and I enjoyed being that edgy act, so to have to rein it in and not go into my well of tricks or words…. It’s all so different now.”

    Raised in South Texas, Austin says he grew up watching Houston Wrestling at the Houston Coliseum, where the legendary Paul Boesch was the promoter and the arena was filled with smoke and only the dimmest of lighting around the ring.

    “I fell in love with the business, and god dang, it’s changed so much,” he notes. The WWE is now “sports entertainment – the business has come out of the closet, so to speak – and like football, it’s gotten faster. I remember back in the mid-’80s when I would watch the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) and the TV matches would last forever. These days it’s bing-bang-boom, commercial break, you come back hot-n-heavy, and then all of a sudden the match is over.”

    Austin prefers a time when “it wasn’t such a hurried pace,” when pro wrestling would plot and present protracted storylines rife with on- and off-the-mat rivalries, feuds and ever-changing alliances.

    “It’s hard to tell those kinds of stories anymore,” he says. “I liked it when it was a little slower-paced.”

    Saturday, October 2, 2010

    Keibler vs. Austin This Monday on "Chuck"


    Former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler will be fighting against WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin on Monday's episode of "Chuck" on NBC.

    Keibler will be portraying Greta, a CIA operative, who opposes Austin's heel character, Hugo Panzer. In what could be a surreal TV scene, the two characters will have at least one fight scene during the episode.

    "I definitely have a little bit of physicality, and I face off and fight with 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin," Keibler said in a promotional interview for the episode. "And I do it all in my high heels."

    Keibler said the TV fight scenes were "easy" thanks to their dual backgrounds in simulated competition through their pro wrestling careers.

    "We'd go through (the stunt choreography) a couple times, and we just - we nailed it every single time," she said. "It was easy and fun, and after every single take I think we were laughing."

    Austin and Keibler are linked together by a Stone Cold Stunner nearly seven years ago on the October 13, 2003 episode of Raw.

    Austin, one of the top babyfaces at time, gave Keibler a Stunner after she was scripted to refuse a beer from Austin. It was a controversial situation where WWE drew criticism for promoting man-on-woman violence on Raw.

    Full interview @

    Steve Austin News Haul - October 02, 2010

    Radio Appearances
    Austin was on WPLJ 9.5 in New York City Friday morning promoting "Hunt To Kill" & also on 680 The Fan radio yesterday morning in Atlanta. I will be posting the audio as soon as it is available.

    Contest News will be be doing a contest giving away copies of "Hunt to Kill" very soon!
    Follow them @pwinsidercom.

    Friday, October 1, 2010

    Austin on "Chuck" Monday - October 04, 2010 + Twitter Trend

    Austin returns to "Chuck" once again as his role as Hugo Panzer in the Season 4, Episode 3: "Chuck vs. The Cubic Z" along with Stacy Keibler & Nicole Richie. The episode will air on Monday, October 04, 2010 @ 8/7 PM central on NBC

    Twitter Trend - please start trending this topic! :)


    *Photo courtesy of