Friday, October 22, 2010

JR Blog's, Mentions Austin - October 22, 2010


Got a great call earlier this week from Shawn Michaels and we spent some time catching up on a variety of things. HBK is happy, healthy and not missing the wrestling business at this time. Shawn is busy working on a hunting show for the Outdoor Life Network, I think, that will likely begin airing next year. We discussed some upcoming hunts and yours truly night actually go on one of these taped hunts somewhere down the road. I might be better suited to be the camp 'cook' as my hunting skills aren't at the level of say a Brock Lesnar, Steve Austin, or Dusty Rhodes. But the 'camp fire' talk would be entertaining.

Speaking of Austin, some fans have emailed me and adamantly feel that the ideal match for the Undertaker to have at WM30 would be Austin vs. Taker. WM30?? Sounds provocative on paper but it's not going to happen. I'm much more interested in who Taker is going to face at WM27 which appears to be a wide open matter. Steve will generally always say the old wrestler cliché of "Never say never" when asked about another match but no one would be more shocked than me to ever see Austin don his tights again. What does he have left to prove plus Austin is well on his way to establishing himself in Hollywood as an action adventure movie star. Plus, would you really want Stone Cold to return to Wrestlemania and lose because the smart money is on Taker NEVER losing a Wrestlemania bout? And never means never.

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