Thursday, October 7, 2010

Austin Says He Wouldn't Mind Working with Other Wrestlers in Films

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In an interview with, Austin was asked if he would work with The Rock or any other wrestler.

He replied:

"I wouldn't have any reservations about doing a good project with another wrestler talent," "Now, would I want to play a wrestler in a wrestler movie? No."

Austin said he doesn't believe a "wrestler reunion" movie would be frowned upon if they had the right script and on-screen chemistry to put together a good film.

"If it's a project worth doing - and the chemistry is there - I don't think it would be just 'two wrestlers,'" Austin said.

Austin said he's gained enough experience filming movies to feel comfortable having "creative input" in his latest projects.

Austin revealed that his next movie shoot is scheduled for mid-October. The movie is slated to be a SWAT Team-style "shoot 'em up" action/suspense movie.

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