Friday, November 13, 2009

Jim Ross Blogs About Steve Austin

November 2, 2009
Source:, JR's Official Blog

"Steve Austin called me Sunday afternoon during the Packers-Vikings game and most of our discussion centered on football and how I was doing battling my 'little friend' Bells palsy #3. Steve is preparing to head up to Vancouver to film another action/adventure movie that is going to be largely done outdoors in the beautiful terrain of Vancouver, British Columbia. The Texas Rattlesnake expects to encounter plenty of 'weather' including ample rain which apparently is what they want for the film to have the organic grittiness to fit the script. I don't know the release date but one can assume some time in 2010 nor do I know the title. I obviously don't know much but as I said we talked football and not work.

Also, for those that email us and want to know "where is Steve staying in Vancouver" you've got to be kidding me. Just stop it...stop it right now. :)"

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