Friday, November 13, 2009

Stone Cold Steve Austin's New Movie!


Word around the WWE is that Stone Cold Steve Austin's next film project, titled "Damage," will focus on an illegal underground fighting community. The project is not a WWE Studios film however. Austin is playing the lead role of John Brickner, a recently paroled convict who is forced into the groups.

The film will commence filming on 10/17 in the Vancouver, British Columbia area, it is directed by Jeff King and written by Frank Hannah. Its interesting that it is going on now, because Austin's return to wresting is drawing near.

He is supposed to be back in the WWE within the next couple of days or week. The word was that he would be on RAW this week, if that is true I don't know, but that is what has been going around, now Vince McMahon's return is going to be around the same time as Austin's.

So since its a package deal that is great right? Well I don't know, but it is one of the WWE biggest rivalries ever so I'd love to see it again. Since this movie is coming out within a year, I could guarantee that Austin will be promoting it in the WWE, even though it is not a WWE film.

Neither was The Longest Yard, but it was still heavily promoted, mainly because of Austin, Goldberg, and Kevin Nash's role in the blockbuster. So I can see it getting a nice plug by the WWE, but what do you think, should the WWE promote it?

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