Friday, November 13, 2009

Austin Fans Waited 13 hours to be a Part of a Signing in the UK


Got an email from old pal Steve Austin late last night. He's in the UK promoting his next film "Damage" which will be released imminently on DVD. I've seen the trailer and liked what I saw and plan on supporting Steve by purchasing this action packed, fight filled film when it becomes available. Many Austin fans waited some 13 hours to be a part of a signing there this week. Steve also detailed seeing his first soccer game in person and he told me that he had a blast and had a better understanding and appreciation for the game.

Another old friend, Steve "Dr. Death" Williams is battling cancer again as the deadly disease has returned after Doc had been cancer free almost five years. The cancer is in Doc's Stoma and surgery or radiation aren't options but chemotherapy is. Doc is an amazing man who remains steadfast in his faith in God and his unintimidating stance on beating cancer for a second time. Please say a prayer and think good thoughts about Steve as he once again finds himself in another fight.

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