Thursday, December 3, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here are frequently asked questions that you may or may not have about the website. I will add to this list as more are asked. If you have a question, please feel free to e-mail me. Thanks!

Who are you?
Great question! In a nutshell, I'm a 24-year old English major born/raised/residing in Florida who has been a fan of Steve Austin for over 10 years.

How long have you been a fan of Steve Austin?
For over 10 years. I knew who he was in his early days, but I didn't really start liking him until he started feuding with The Rock (and everyone else for that matter). Between those times, I started following up on him, and I got to love his wrestling, and getting know his personal side.

Do you know Steve Austin?
Ummm... naw. Maybe... no. Please do not send me e-mails asking to get in touch with Steve,etc...! I only provide what he has provided publicly. If you want to get in touch with him, you can ask him questions via his personal Twitter.

When, and why did you decide to make a Steve Austin fansite?
I had a Rock fansite (which I made pretty much because there wasn't a fan website for him anymore), and then I discovered that there were no Steve Austin fansites online, so I decided to make one. was launched on November 12, 2009. I brought a domain in March 24, 2010. Plus, I also wanted fans to get to know Steve as an actor since he's no longer wrestling.

Why do still post wrestling news then?
Because even though he's not wrestling anymore, he will always be associated with the world of wrestling. This website is for new fans who know him as an actor who want to know his wrestling roots, and for old wrestling fans who want to get to know him as an actor.

What kind of news will I find here?
Any news associated with Steve Austin - including movie news, wrestling-related news, family-related news, career-related, pretty much anything! Most news posted on the mainpage; other news will most likely be tweeted.

How did you come up with the name?
I wanted something easy. So I played around with different names and combinations, and I came up with I just like the way it sounded. Short, simple, and easy to remember. Plus, it was within the 15 username character limit for Twitter.

Does he [Steve] know about
YES!!! He actually does!!!!!

Have you ever met Steve Austin?
Nope, but I hope one day in the future.

Does Steve have a MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, etc...?
Steve only has a Twitter! All other pages are fake!

I love your website. Can I help you out?
I'm not looking for co-webmasters or anything like that, but you are welcome to submit news, photos, information, video, audio, links, etc... and I'll give you credit.

How often will you be updating the website?
As often as I can, if there is news, or anything I find newsworthy. I check e-mails many times throughout the day via online and mobile. Also, I encourage you to take advantage of the Twitter. Some items I may update there that may not be on the mainpage of the website.

Do you have anymore news on....?
Look for all news on the mainpage, Facebook, and Twitter. Also, sign up for the RSS feed to get news straight to your e-mail inbox. If it's something specific that you want to know, I can try and find out.

How can I get news if I am not able to access the website? has provided many ways to get news. If you are not able to access the mainpage news, you can subscribe to the news feed/e-mail list, Twitter, & Facebook.

Is your website credible?
Yes for the most part. I get my information from credible online resources, other sources, and videos. If I am not sure, I will research and post the information I have found, or not post it at all until further details & information arise.

Do you have an inside sources?

Is this an official Steve Austin fansite?
No. This is just a FAN WEBSITE! Ran by a FAN!!!

Can I link
I really don't have a set of rules for affiliation. You can either be an affiliate or wrestling website affiliate. Just make sure your website is appropiate and Steve Austin-related. I don't care if you have a non-hosted or hosted website, blog, forum, MySpace page, etc... I don't do the "link me first, and then I will link you back if I see my link on your webpage". To me, that's just wasting a lot of time. Just exchange 1 or 2 e-mails, and go from there. I haven't made any banners yet, so you'd have to link me via text link.

Will you send me photos?
Umm... maybe. Are you looking for a specific photo?

Can I save the photos?

Can I use your photos/information for my personal use?
Yes, if you got it from my website & it's tagged, please credit me (Joyce @

Do you own any other websites?
Yes, I have my very own personal websites, but I also own: - a fansite deticated to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson!

Where did you get all of your photos, information, etc... from?
Online, mazagines, videos, other resources, submissions from other people.

How can I contact you?
There are many ways you can contact me. E-mail is the best for a quicker response. Just look under "Website and Stats" for more contact information.

I sent you something and I don't want my name/e-mail displayed...
Okay, I'll only include what's in the body of the e-mail. Just let me know if you don't want your name or e-mail displayed.

I sent you an e-mail, and no response. Are you ignoring me?
No. I do have a life outside of the Internet. I work, I attend college, and I have my personal/free time. I usually check all of my e-mails a few times a day, or whenever I have the time. Now if it's a silly e-mail or asking me the same thing over and over again, most likely you won't get a response.
Note to foreign fans (and no offense): Please, if you do not speak English well, please, please, please try and be as detailed with your message as possible, or try and translate your message using a translator. I only know English and some Spanish. No hard feelings. I just need to know what you are asking.

I have something private that I want to tell you, but it's not confirmed - so I don't want it posted yet...
Well, just let me know about it. I won't post it, but I'll research it. BUT I won't post it to the public until it's released by Steve or by other credible resources.

Can I conact you via IM?
Yes, you can contact me through MSN IM, Yahoo! IM, MySpace IM, GTalk, AIM, @: steveaustinweb.

I have a website. Can I get some advice/help/suggestions from you?
Yes, you can ask me depending on what it's about.

Can I contact you / send you something via mailing address?
I don't post my mailing address, sorry.

What is your nationality?
I'm black, African-American.

Favorite Steve Austin moment?
Sorry. There's just too many to name here.

How long did it take you to make this website?
A few weeks.

How many e-mails do you answer on an average day?
About 10-20. Really, it depends on what's going on.

What is hotlinking? Is it illegal?
Example: When you take the photo link from another website and post it on your page instead of uploading the photo to your own server. That's stealing bandwidth, and yes, it's very ILLEGAL!

What kind of computer do use?
An HP G60.

What's currently on your laptop desktop?
HBK!!! Not the answer you were hoping for, hun?

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