Thursday, March 4, 2010

Austin Answers Fans Questions Via Twitter


Steve Austin has been answering fan questions on his Twitter page (steveaustinBSR) and here are some highlights...

◦Steve Austin on Haku: sweetheart of a guy. just dont mess with him. everybody respected haku. everybody.

◦Steve Austin watches ROH: i saw a joe vs kobashi match on a roh dvd that was damn good.

◦Steve Austin on TNA catching WWE: they will never catch wwe. they need to be
different than wwe. i wish them luck. competition is good.

◦Steve Austin more on ROH: i like their show. they have a pretty good mix of talented workers. some are damn good actually.

◦Steve Austin on Mr. Kennedy being fired: i think he has a lot of potential. he needed a little more freedom to do his own thing.

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