Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"It's Time" Radio Show Brief Re-Cap & Audio

Here's brief re-cap of the show:

  • Sushi & Sake! :P
  • Talked about his upcoming promotion for "The Stranger" (which is why he's not eating sushi or drinking sake).
  • Going back to BSR in Texas for a while.
  • "The Expendables" & working with Sly Stallone.
  • Talked about wrestling, wrestlers, how life on the road was difficult, and how technology (i.e. cell phones and laptops) have improved it, and gave a shoutout to all of the current wrestlers.
  • Talked about the Steiner Brothers.
  • Talked about MMA & UFC.
  • Commented on JR if he were to be a commentator for MMA.
  • MMA fighters going from the MMA to pro wrestling.

That was pretty much it. I was a really good interview.

You can listen to it here or download it.

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