Monday, July 26, 2010

Audio/Spoiler Alert! Steve Austin & Randy Couture Interview on


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WWE’s ”Stone Cold” Steve Austin and UFC’s Randy Couture took a break from kicking ass to be interviewed by Kevin & Bean at Comic Con. After talking to them it’s clear, this is clearly going to be the manliest movie of the year!

The Expendables is about a group of mercenaries hired to overthrow a ruthless South American dictator. It promises to be filled with explosions, gunfire, violence and just pure awesomeness!

“Stone Cold” and Couture talked about their roles and Stone Cold putting director Sylvester Stallone in the hospital.

Stone Cold plays Dan Payne, one of the movie’s bad guys. “It was a thrill working with Sly and the rest of the cast. For me to fight Randy Couture and come out alive was pretty awesome.”

The line between good and bad in the movie is a little blurred they said, but ultimately The Expendables are the ones to root for.

Randy Couture promises the amount of carnage in the movie is exactly what you action buffs have been waiting for. He plays “Toll Road”, a skilled demolitions expert and the “intellectual” of the group. “If you’re going to get past me you’re going to have to pay,” Couture says of his nickname. Out of the movie’s roughly 700 deaths, Couture is responsible for about 26 of those. Bad-ass!

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