Wednesday, July 21, 2010

BREAKING NEWS! Details on Austin's New Film Project: "The Boxer and the Kid"


Professional wrestling icon ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin was in Mission shooting a movie on Saturday.

He is working on a project called The Boxer and the Kid, a film about a janitor who helps a kid who is being bullied at school. Some Mission locations and people could find their way into the film.

They filmed at the Mission harbour in the morning, and spent the afternoon with local boxers.

Dale Gatin operates the Mission City Boxing Club, and said the locations scout liked the fact that the local gym is a little rough around the edges.

“They wanted a gritty type of gym, not fancy or anything,” said Gatin. “And it doesn’t hurt that we’re down by the train tracks.”

Some local boxers found their way into the movies.

Austin Stubel plays Stone Cold’s character as a younger man in one scene. And Gatin plays a referee raising Matt McIntosh’s arm after a scene where he just beat the young Austin.

There could also be scenes with Allana Fejde in the background working boxing bags.

“They got to meet Steve Austin and shake his hand, and get a photo with him. It was fun for the kids,” said Gatin, adding that the rental of the building will pay half a month’s rent for the club.

He briefly mentioned this is his last interview with Pro MMA Radio. Excited much?

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