Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Video: Mick Foley Mentions Austin in New MTV News Interview

Mick Foley recently conducted an interview with MTV News talking about wrestling and "working stiff" (throwing real punches and kicks in a "staged" event). Below is an excerpt from the article:

But Foley said that there was one guy who was especially aggressive. "Stone Cold [Steve Austin] in his prime was no day at the park when he was firing up for his big comeback," Foley said of the star of "The Expendables" and, like Foley, a former multi-time WWE Champion. "The crowd would be so enthusiastic and he would feed off that enthusiasm. Everyone would benefit except me. But the truth is, among all the wrestling opponents that Steve had, we'd all commiserate and say 'But we can't say anything — he's Stone Cold!'"

For more, you can read the entire article at the link provided above, or watch the video below:

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