Monday, November 29, 2010

EXCLUSIVE! Austin Interview with TWP Magazine + Giveaway

This was sent EXCLUSIVELY from TWP magazine to me. IT'S FREE TO READ!!! Austin's piece starts on page 14.

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- An exclusive interview with 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin
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Excerpt from Interview

"Quite frankly if I hadn't got dropped on my head back in '97, I'd probably still be in the ring. In life you gotta play the cards you're dealt with. I love the wrestling business but it was time for me to go down the road. You know what, in 10, 20 years I still want to be able to go hunt, fish and do all the things that I do in a pain free fashion. Had I stayed in the ring with the very violent physical work style that I had, I wouldn't be in very good shape." STEVE AUSTIN (excerpt from his interview with TWP's Darren Wood).

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