Monday, July 5, 2010

News Haul: JR Blogs About UFC Weekend, Mentions Austin... + New Pic

Source: JR's Blog

JR blogged about last weekend's UFC events, here's what he had to say about Steve Austin (and The Rock):

Steve Austin and Rock had a meaningful visit in Brock's locker room and talked old times, their last match in Seattle at Wrestlemania including Dwayne watching a Stone Cold DVD recently where he enjoyed going back in the day.

Both WWE greats have new films to begin soon...Steve in Vancouver and Rock in Puerto Rico.

Both are still 'students of the game' of wrestling which was cool to discuss w/ them. They both had 'it' and never played a role in the squared circle yet attained success by being enhanced versions of themselves. Organic passion and instincts lead them to unparalleled success.

To read the rest of the blog entry, click the source link above.

Former WWE pro wrestlers Bill Goldberg and Stone Cold Steve Austin were hanging out at Vanity Saturday night after attending UFC 116. They arrived early and were very low-key, hanging out in Jason Giambi’s private VIP booth.

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