Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Austin as Possible Anonymous GM of RAW? Not Likely...

Last night WWE decided to play a little trick on it's viewers (especially us Steve Austin fans!). Giving us false hope to believe that our favorite beer guzzling, mud hole stumper was to return as general manager by using some of his well-known catchphrases such as "... and that's the bottom line, because the GM says so." and "If you want to see some action, gimme a Hell Yeah!".

Last night via Twitter Austin tweeted:

"Busy all day folks...working on a project to be shot in Vancouver in a few weeks....more details later...gonna hit the hay..good night".

JR's last blog post blog even backs this up.

And regarding RAW...

"I missed it but it sounds like It was an interesting RAW".

So, obviously from all of that, he's NOT the general manager. Sorry, as bad as we want it to be, it's not.

WWE has all rights to use Austin's catchphrases because they technically own the name "Stone Cold Steve Austin" and everything that goes with it.

BUT there is a great possibility that The Rock could be it (there's some hope there! He hasn't been guest host yet, and he did talk about doing something fun with the show at the beginning of the year - so this could be it!).

The BleacherReport.com has a great article on the whole thing.

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